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Line of Sight

Now that you've got your uplink, you need to position it so that it can "see" (and be seen by) the WiFi gear on the NOC tower at Center Camp.  The tower is 60 feet tall, and the WiFi antennas are installed near the top (maybe 10 feet down?).  You want your uplink to have a clear view of the tower, not blocked by structures (including those that will get built later in the week!), pedestrians, or marauding art cars. 

When it comes to getting (and keeping, as the city gets built throughout the week!) line-of-sight, altitude is your friend. Getting 10 feet above the Playa helps (particularly if you have some flexibility about where you put your antenna, so that you can move to see "past" obstructions), but 20 feet is even better.  At 20 feet, you're above probably 95% of what gets built in Black Rock City.

You also want your uplink to be on something that is fairly solid and stable; you don't want it shifting around in the wind, as vehicles or people walk by, as the structure it's installed on flexes with people climbing on it, etc.  If it's not stable, it will be harder to establish and maintain the aim of your antenna to Center Camp.

So, look around your camp for shade structures, art projects, or other fixtures that you could attach your antenna to, to get it up in the air.  Maybe the ladder on the back of an RV, even, if the RV is parked so that the back is pointed toward Center Camp.  You want the antenna someplace that you can safely (remember, Safety Third!) access to fine-tune the aim; that's something you may need to do throughout the week, if your antenna gets shifted by the wind or something.

Here are some specific solutions to the problem: